wireless-controller wtp-group (5.4)

Use this command to add FortiAP models to WTP groups. A FortiAP can belong to no more than one FortiAP group.

FortiAP Groups facilitate the application of FortiAP profiles to large numbers of FortiAPs. Through the VLAN Pool feature, a FortiAP Group can be associated with a VLAN to which WiFi clients will be assigned.

config wtp-list

A configuration method to add member devices to WTP groups created for the model’s platform type.

In order to add member devices, you must have already used the platform-type entry to add a FortiAP model, as per the example CLI configuration below; a group called wtp-group-1 is created for a FortiAP-221C device and one member device is added:

config wireless-controller wtp-group
   edit wtp-group-1
      set platform-type 221C
      config wtp-list
         edit FP221C3X14019926

platform-type {enable | disable}

FortiAP models to define the WTP group platform type.

AP-11N: Default 11n AP 24D: FAP24D
220B: FAP220B/221B 112D: FAP112D
223B: FAP223B 223C: FAP223C
210B: FAP210B 321C: FAP321C
222B: FAP222B S321C: FAPS321C
112B: FAP112B S322C: FAPS322C
320B: FAP320B S323C: FAPS3232C
11C: FAP11C S311C: FAPS311C
14C: FAP14C S313C: FAPS313C
28C: FAP28C S321CR: FAPS321CR
320C: FAP320C S322CR: FAPS322CR
221C: FAP221C S323CR: FAPS323CR
25D: FAP25D S421E: FAPS421E
222C: FAP222C S422E: FAPS422E
224D: FAP224D S423E: FAPS423E
214B: FK214B 421E: FAP421E
21D: FAP21D 423E: FAP423E
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