wireless-controller ap-status (5.4)

Use this command to designate detected access points as either accepted, rogue, or rogue APs that are suppressed.

To see information about detected access points, use the get wireless-controller scan command.

bssid <mac-address>

The access point’s basic service set identifier (BSSID), expressed as the AP’s wireless MAC address.

ssid <name>

The access point’s SSID, expressed as the network name for the wireless interface.

status {rogue | accepted | suppressed}

Status of the AP:

  • rogue: Defines an AP as undesirable, but still available.
  • accepted: Defines an AP as accepted in the wireless network.
  • suppressed: Actively prevents users from connecting to these rogue APs.

If you have rogue APs in your network, you can choose to monitor them. See Monitoring rogue APs from our Online Help portal for more details.

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